Our daylight savings time mistake

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Yesterday Check-ins had a bug due to the time change. This resulted in quite a few large mistakes that we wanted to inform you about. Here's what is wrong and what we have done to fix it.

Automatically copied events were one hour off

This led to 3 issues that we've tackled:

Time changes shouldn't be a problem anymore

We fixed the initial bug. This should not happen again when the next time change occurs. Also, next time we'll have all our developers ready to test and potentially fix any other issues that might arise before Sunday morning starts.

We fixed times that were incorrect

We ran a task that looks at the past 3 weeks. If the latest weeks are one hour too early, we've assumed they are still incorrect and have automatically changed them to one hour later. This should make sure that the times within the last 3 weeks, and all future weeks, are the same as they have been.

You have the ability to fix any incorrect check-ins

Any check-ins that occurred yesterday might have auto-selected the wrong time. Changing data is scary, so we don't want to do this automatically. You'll need to update this yourself. To do this, make sure you're on the correct day/session (November 1st, 2015), and go to your event settings page by clicking the cog at the top right of the event. Click the button at the bottom right that says "Reassign Check-in times" that will show you the proposed changes. You can then update all of the times. 

The Check-ins team is very sorry that this issue happened, but we've learned a lot from the experience. We can assure you that this particular bug won't happen again, and we've made steps to be quicker when it comes to bugs on Sunday mornings.


The Check-ins team,
Scott, Robert, Jake, and Jesse

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