December 14th - Ratio Filtering

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At my church we try to make sure we have the appropriate number of volunteers for every child in each location. For our nursery we like to have one adult for every 5 children, and for jr. high we like to have one adult for every 10 children. 

With this latest update, Check-ins can now help make sure your volunteer to attendee ratio is where it should be.

Now, each location will only allow attendees (regulars and guests) based on how many Volunteers have checked in. If you've run out of space, simply check in another Volunteer and it'll open up some more spots for that location.

This will work in the same way that the capacity limit works. If you're on a self station and the ratio limit is met, it won't let you check-in. However, if you're on a manned station, you'll see a warning that you can simply ignore if you'd like.


The Check-ins Team

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