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Headcounts is a feature in Check-Ins that allows you to keep track of any type of attendance without tracking specific individuals. Headcounts does not affect your daily Check-In limit and can be used even on the free Check-Ins package. It works in conjunction with Event Times, so please make sure that you've added times to your event.

If you want to take specific attendance to track individuals, use Check-Ins or Groups!

Headcounts can be accessed from the mobile Headcounts app for Android and iOS or from the Headcounts tab in any event on Check-Ins. In order to log in to the Headcounts app, people must at least have the Counter permission.

Non Admins and Viewers can be given permission to be Counters. The Counter permission allows them to log into the Headcounts app and keep track of attendance.

Assign Counter Permission

From the People tab, go to a person's profile. If the person has never checked in before, you'll need to add them.

Go to the Permissions tab on the right and enable Counter by checking the box.

counter permission

Once you've checked the Counter box and Save, an email will be sent to the person, letting them know they have been added as a counter and prompting them to download the Headcounts app.

When they've downloaded the Headcounts app from the App Store or Google Play and logged in, they're ready to start tracking attendance!

Mobile Headcounts App

In the Headcounts app, choose the event you're tracking to be taken to that event's dashboard.

choose event

See information from dates in the past, attendance for the current date, and add or edit Headcount Types right from this screen.

event numbers

Tap a Headcount Type to add attendance.

add attendance
  1. Tap the plus/minus icon to take attendance from the Clicker.
  2. Tap the number to change the total.

If the time is incorrect, an Admin will need to change it from the event.


When people use the clicker to take attendance, the number is automatically added to the total, even if several people are taking attendance at the same time.

minus on top; plus on bottom

Turn on sounds and/or vibrate for each tap from Settings on the events sidebar.


This number overrides the clicker because it enters a brand new total. Whatever total is inserted here will override any other inputs; it will not add to whatever was there before.

enter total

Headcounts Tab

The Headcounts Tab is only accessible to Viewers and Editors.

In your event, go to the Headcounts tab.

Using Headcounts
  1. Standard Headcounts show individuals who have been checked in. They cannot be edited from the Headcounts tab.
  2. Custom Headcounts are general attendance numbers and can also be found in the mobile app. When you add a custom headcount, you can choose the color and name.

The headcounts will be shown on the dashboard in the color shown.

Dashboard Graph

Once you've added attendance from the app or the tab, go to the Events tab to see your attendance based on date, event, and time.

  • Filter the graph based on a date range, event, or time frame.
  • The graph will show the Regulars, Guests, Volunteers, and any Custom Headcounts when it's filtered by a specific event.
  • Hover over any bar on the graph to get the specifics of that session.
  • Hover over any type to show just those types, and click the type to remove it from the graph.
  • The Average attendance is based one what's shown on the graph, so remove a type to change the attendance.

If you want to import past general attendance from another system, contact our Support Team.

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