January 18th - Editing in Station Mode

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Over the past few months, we've introduced a new way to edit households on both the desktop and the mobile versions of our app. Now we just released an update where all of the ways to edit a person takes you to the full household editing view both on mobile and desktop. 

With this change, we've also made 3 notable changes that may adjust your workflow.

Edit Button Goes Directly to Person Card

When you click any edit person button on the right side of a name from a manned station, it'll automatically direct you to that person's profile in the new household view.

Our hope is this will help give you fast editing capabilities throughout the entire household!

Add to Household

Before this week, this button was "Edit Household" but now we've changed it to "Add Household." Since you can edit a household from any "Edit Person" button, we've now made it even easier to add a person to a household.

When you click this, it'll automatically take you to the full household view, ready for you to type a new person's name.

Add Guest

Since the above two changes have been made to make it easier to edit people and add new people to a household, we've changed the "Add Person" button at the very top to be "Add Guest".

With all of these changes we've made it so that editing people, adding people to a household, and adding guests are just one simple click away. 



- The Check-Ins Team

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