Introducing Headcounts

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Want to start tracking regular attendance, without needing to track each individual person? Well now you can, with Headcounts!

On every event you'll see a new "Headcounts" tab on the left. In it you'll find the Standard Headcounts at the top; Regulars, Guests, and Volunteers. These Standard Headcounts aren't editable, as they are the physical Check-ins you add in Station mode.

Below that, you'll see where you can create your own Custom Headcounts that can be anything you'd like. In the below example you'll see I want to track my regular Worship Attendance, and how many Ushers are at each Service. 

Headcounts does not affect your daily Check-In limit, so there's no need to upgrade your package level. Also, if your church isn't using Check-Ins yet, but would like to use Headcounts, you can use the free plan of Check-Ins.

For more information on how to set up Headcounts check out this article on creating Headcounts



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