March 3 - New PCO People List Conditions

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If you've already played with PCO People Lists, you'll know they're pretty awesome. Well our Check-Ins team, just made them even more awesomer, in regards to Check-Ins. We've added a new condition to attendance lists that can pull "in the last week", "in the last month", and "in the last year" conditions.

How can we use this?

There's probably a million different ways to use this, but here are a few ideas we were thinking about:

  • Grab a list of people who have first attended in the last month, and send them to a first-timers workflow.
  • Create an automatically refreshing list of Check-ins who have Attended in the last year, but did not attend in the last month, and send them a "we miss you" email.
  • Grab a list of your more loyal attendees by creating a list of people who've checked in more than 4 times in the last month.

We hope you'll think of some even more awesome ideas to use these new conditions.


The Check-Ins Team

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