March 11 - Label Improvements

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We've made a few small changes to our labels. First, on all of our default labels, we changed the format of dates. This changes the Brother, Citizen, and Dymo label formats.

  • 9/12 vs Sept 12 - Now, instead of our labels displaying a date as 9/12, we're writing out a truncated month name, as Sept. 12. This should help give some quicker clarity to the date!

Custom Dymo Labels

As you may know, you can Create your own custom Dymo labels. We've added a few new field options to those labels as listed below:

  • Current Date Only and Current Time Only - The field 'Current Date' prints both the date and the time of the event on a single line, but now, we've split those up!. We've added two new fields: 'Current Date Only' and 'Current Time Only' 
  • Ages in Months - Our 'Age' field used to display all ages in years, which looked a little weird if you were under one years old (it would display 0 years). We made a change that if someone is under 1 year old, it would display the amount of months that persons age is.


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