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This article will show you how to set up your Brother printer and connect it to Check-Ins.

Brother printers can only connect to iOS and Android devices through their respective applications. They cannot connect to a desktop/laptop directly. If you want to print from a Windows or Mac App station, you can print to another station.

Follow the steps in the video for 810W or 820NW on a Mac or Windows. If you have a 710/720, follow the instructions from the Brother manual. Be sure the printer is connected to the primary WiFi not the Guest WiFi.

If you're using multiple Brother printers, set a name for the printers, so you can easily tell which printer is connected.

Rename Printers

 To rename your printer, you first need the IP address, and the easiest way to see the IP address from the Station Printer Settings. The IP address is listed under the printer name.

If Check-Ins doesn't show the IP address, it cannot see the printer, so you have to find the IP address.

Expand your printer model to see how to find the IP address.

710W, 720NW, or 810W

For the 710W, 720NW or 810W:

  1. Turn on the label printer (solid green light).
  2. Hold down the CUT button until the green light is flashing.
  3. Release the CUT button.
    It should print a few labels, one with the IP Address of the machine.
  1. Press the Menu and the OK button.
  2. Select WLAN Status and then press the OK button.
  3. Select Infrastructure Mode and the OK button to see the address.

Once you have the IP address, change the name from a computer on the same WiFi SSID as your Brother printer:

  1. Enter the IP Address to go to a Web Management page. 
  2. Enter a name in the Location field.
    It will append the Location field to a printer name like Brother QL-810W - Matt's Desk, or something to notate your printer's location.

1. Connect with the Check-Ins app

In most cases, you can check a person in, and it'll automatically connect to a printer. If needed, access the Printer Settings from the gear on the bottom right.

Turn the printer on first, let it connect to the WiFi for about 30 seconds, then turn on and connect the devices.

Step 2: Connect with the Check-Ins app
  1. It may take up to 30 seconds, but if your device is on the same WiFi as the printer, it'll show up here. Simply tap on the chosen printer, and it'll connect. Once connected it'll show a green check mark on the right side, and the Print Test Label will be selectable.
  2. If the device doesn't show up, a network setting might be hiding it. Manually set the printer by selecting the  printer from the list and typing the IP address.
  3. Remove the default printer, or, if using a Citizen Printer, change it to high density.
  4. In order to sign out of a station and create a new one, toggle the Force Login switch on. If that switch is on, you will be required to create a new station, which requires Editor permissions

Manually entering the IP address is not a required step. If you are needing to manually enter the IP address, there is likely something on your network that is blocking the Check-Ins App from seeing the Brother printer easily. Check your network or router settings.

android settings
  1. Remove the default printer.
  2. To select a Brother printer on the WiFi, tap Printer Setup, which will show all printers on your WiFi. If you don't see the printer you need, search from that box or Set Manually.
  3. If using a Citizen Printer, change it to high density by checking the box.
  4. In order to sign out of a station and create a new one, tap Force Login.

2. Test Print

After you've selected a printer, tap Print Test Label to make sure the connection is good. You can also test print by checking someone into an event.

Once connected, you should see the status of your printer at the top of the Station. It'll stay green for just a few seconds and then fade to transparent. If the connection is ever lost, the bar will turn red. If that happens, make sure the device and the printer are still connected to WiFi, and go back to reconnect in Step 2.

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

  1. If you are trying to print from Android or iOS, first try checking in someone who should get labels because sometimes WiFi printers can only be found when the print job is sent.
  2. Reset the default printer from the Settings, and select Clear Default Printer. Force close the app and then try again! 


Check-Ins looks to see if you have one of the correct label sizes before it will connect to the printer. The printer will not connect or print if it is receiving a command asking for a different paper size than what is loaded. Even if you are using one of the correct label sizes but the label cartridge is damaged or not assembled correctly, it might detect the wrong label size and give you an error message. Try the following:

  1. Remove the label cartridge
    • If a re-usable cartridge, take it apart (there should be 3 plastic pieces)
    • Reassemble, making sure the pieces are connected correctly
  2. Re-insert the label cartridge, making sure it's in straight and push down firmly

If your issue isn't listed here, chat with other people in our Slack Community or contact support.

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