Connecting a Brother Printer

In its most simple terms there are only three steps needed to connect an Android or iOS device to a Brother printer.

Note: Brother printers can only connect to iOS and Android devices through their respective applications. They cannot connect to a desktop/laptop.

Three Steps

Step 1: Make sure the Brother printer is on the same WiFi network.

Step 2: Connect with the Check-Ins app.

Step 3: Print!

Step 1: Get Brother on the same WiFi

You'll need to use the software that came with the Brother printer, and follow the instructions in the Brother manual. You can also find the instructions here: Connecting the Brother QL-710W & QL- 720NW Printers to Your WiFi Network.

Step 2: Connect with the Check-Ins app

Step 2: Connect with the Check-Ins app

In most cases you can check a person in, and it'll automatically connect to a printer. If needed, you can access the Settings screen that should help troubleshoot and manually choose the printer. You can find the settings button on the bottom right of a Manned Station (The settings screen can not be accessed through a Self Station).

  1. It may take up to 30 seconds, but if your device is on the same WiFi as the printer, it'll show up here. Simply tap on the chosen printer and it'll connect. Once connected it'll show a green check mark on the right side, and you'll see that the "Print Test Label" option will be selectable.
  2. If you're not seeing the printer even though you know it's on the same WiFi, there's a chance that a network setting has hidden it. In this case, you'll want to manually set the IP address of the printer by clicking "Set manually" and typing the exact IP address. You'll be able to see if the printer connects from that screen.

We suggest you turn the printer on first, let it connect to the WiFi for about 30 seconds, then turn on and connect the devices.

Step 3: Test Print

As you see in the screenshot of Step 2, after you've selected a printer, you can click "Print Test Label" to make sure the connection is good. You can also test print by checking someone into an event.

Once connected, you should see the status of your printer at the top of the Station. It'll stay green for just a few seconds and then fade to transparent. If the connection is ever lost, it will turn red to let you know. If that happens, make sure the device and the printer are still connected to the WiFi, and go back to reconnect in Step 2.

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

  • If you are trying to print from Android or iOS, First try checking someone in who should get labels.  Sometimes WiFi printers can only be found when that print job is sent.
  • Reset the default printer. To do this, go to your device settings-- gear icon on the bottom right (Manned Stations only)-- and select Clear Default Printer. Force close the app and then try again! 

Android Only:

Android looks to see if you have the correct label size before it will connect to the printer. The printer will not connect or print if it is receiving a command asking for a different paper size than what is loaded. Even if you are using the correct label size (2.4" by 100' continuous roll) but the label cartridge is damaged or not assembled correctly, it detects the wrong label size. If you are having connection issues between your Android device and your Brother printer:

  • Remove the label cartridge
  • Take it apart (there should be 3 plastic pieces)
  • Reassemble, making sure everything is firmly placed back into the printer
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