Installing CUPS on Mac for Zebra Support

This article will show you how to install CUPS so that your Zebra Printer will work with Mac OS. This is an intense process, so we suggest communicating with your IT department before getting started.

Step 1: Enable CUPS Web Interface

Open up Terminal and type:

sudo cupsctl WebInterface=yes

This will allow you to visit http://localhost:631/

Step 2: Add Printer

First, make sure the printer is plugged into your computer and turned on.

Then, from http://localhost:631/ choose the Administration tab > Add Printer (Note: You may be asked to input your administrator name and password to move forward.)

Choose AppSocket/HP JetDirect > Continue

Next, you'll be prompted to put in a port number. You can find the port number by going back into Terminal and typing

lpinfo -v | grep usb

Grab the port number by selecting from "usb://Zebra........" all the way until before the "?"

Paste this into the port number and choose Continue

Next, Enter an appropriate Name, Description and Location for your printer.

Uncheck the "Share This Printer" box and click "Continue"

Make: Raw > Continue > Add Printer

Click "Add Printer"

Starting Banner: None

Ending Banner: None

Choose Set Default Options

Step 3: Add a Printer Class

From the CUPS web interface, click Administration > Add Class

Enter an appropriate Name, Description and Location for your class. It must differ from the raw printer name chosen previously. It also must include the word Zebra


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