Roster Station

A Roster Station is an alternative station that will pull a list of anybody who has checked into a specific location in the last selected number of sessions. You can search by name, phone number, or barcode, as well as add and edit people. A roster must be locked to a location.

Setting up

Whether you're editing an already created Station, or you're creating a new one, you'll see this options.

  1. First, choose the type of Station you'd like to use. You'll see an image on the left that shows the idea of that Station.
  2. Roster Stations require that you choose an event and location to pull this list from. You must choose both of them before you can save.

In the above example, a list of all the people who have checked into the "Choir" location from Sunday Services in the last 3 weeks will appear in the Roster.

Using Rosters

  1. Even if somebody is not in the list, you can search through anybody in your account on the top. Or you can add people by searching for someone who is not yet in the account, and you'll see an "add person" button there.
  2. A green badge indicates that somebody has already been checked in. You can click their check mark again, and it'll delete their check-in.
  3. Natasha hasn't yet been checked in, but her name shows up because she is a part of the roster list.
  4. Peter has an alert present, he is too young to check-in. So, we provide the pending check-in mark on the left, and require you to do something about the alert on the right. You can cancel the check-in or check him in anyway. Or you can edit his profile to double check whether or not he should check in.

More to come!

As of June, 2016 we have some exciting plans to help improve the Roster station. One of which is pulling lists from other apps, like PCO Registrations. If you have any other ideas please let us know at!

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