June 21 - Custom Dymo Numbers & Updates on Roster

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The last few weeks have mostly been consumed with fixing a few bugs and updating our newest Roster feature. Below is a few of the most notable updates.

Changed Servers to AWS

Our amazing Ops team have been working on changing over from our internal servers to using Amazon's offerings with AWS. This gives the team a lot of helpful tools, as well as helps us plan for the growth that we're going through. 

The thing this change affects in Check-Ins is the consecutive numbers for custom Dymo labels that most people use to help with pager systems. Since we had two different servers before (East and West) we had to make all of the East Coast even numbers and the West Coast odd numbers. Now, if you're using this feature, you'll get consecutive numbers no matter what "coast" you're on!

Updates to the Roster Station

We've also made quite a few smaller changes to the Roster feature:

  • Removed the Station setting to "automatically refresh." With a Roster station, there's really no point for it to refresh anymore!
  • Added an alert if you try to un-check someone. Currently Un-checking will remove that check-in, and we wanted to make sure it doesn't accidentally get tapped. 
  • If you're adding a new person, it now saves the searched name and automatically puts them in the first/last name fields.
  • Added an "x" to the right hand side of the search bar so you can clear it.
  • If you change a locked location to a different location, it'll now update the station live.
  • Fixed a few bugs!
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