Add Labels to Events & Locations

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You can add labels to the Event, Folder, or Location. You can even choose how many to print for each person and which status should receive a label. Use the default labels or create your own.

Labels are carried over from the highest tier, starting from the Event. Under the Event can be a Folder and then a Location or even just a Location. But the Event is the first tier.

When adding labels, consider which locations need the label. If all locations need it, add the label to the Event tier. If only some locations, add the label to the corresponding Event Folder or Location.

1. Choose a Tier

In your event, go to the Labels & Locations tab to see an overview of labels in each location.

Choose one of the tiers to add, edit, or delete a label.



If you don't want your event to print any labels, remove all labels from each tier.

Quick-Glance Label Settings

The labels have icons to give you information quickly.

  • Green icons are Name Labels.

  • Blue icons are Security Labels.

  • Coral icons are Birthday Labels.

  • The + denotes labels added to that tier. If there is no +, the label cannot be deleted from that tier.

  • R stands for Regular; G for Guest; V for Volunteer.

2. Add, Edit, or Delete a Label

Each label for the tier is identified by the tier it's attached to.

To add another label, edit the number of labels printed to a specific status, or delete a label, select Add/Edit Labels.


You can only add, edit, or delete labels attached to the tier you're on. If you want to edit or delete other labels, you need to go to the tier where they've been added.

  1. Choose a label from the dropdown.

  2. Choose the number of labels that are printed as well as the check-in status they should print for.

    For example, if you want more than one security label to print, set the amount to two.

  3. Select the trash can to delete the label.

  4. Add another label to this tier.

Be sure to Save once you're finished!


Some people want Volunteer labels to look differently from kids' labels. Highlight Volunteer to ensure your label prints for those checking in as Volunteers.

Create an option to print extra labels for diaper bags and backpacks in the Options section the folder or location.

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