External Sites Needed for Check-Ins

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Some network configurations have tight security in place. If your church falls under that description, here is a comprehensive list of the sites you'll need to allow for Check-Ins to run smoothly.


*.planningcenteronline.com Needed for Check-ins, but other apps too, for example, Accounts for signing in, People for some modals, and API for some elements of the top bar

ws.pusherapp.com We use Pusher for live-updates and station online detection. 

*.cloudfront.net Some of our assets (JS, CSS) are hosted on CloudFront

*.amazonaws.com Theme backgrounds are served from S3, part of Amazon Web Services. Also needed for station activation when creating a new station.

*.typekit.net We load web fonts from here

www.google-analytics.com: Ya know, Google analytics

fonts.googleapis.com: We load web fonts from here


Optional dependencies:

pcocheck-ins.zendesk.com online help documentation

www.dymo.com for downloading Dymo software

www.zebra.com for downloading Zebra software

qz.io for downloading QZ tray, required for Zebra printing

localhost: Some ports are required for Check-Ins to connect to the user's computer:

QZ Tray: one of 8181, 8282, 8383, 8484

Dymo widget: one of 41951 - 41960

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