Oct 12 - Updated Check-Ins Detail Page

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We're excited to show off a brand new Check-Ins details page.

This includes all the same information that was in the old view, but includes a few extra helpful features.

Who done it?

At the top left you can see that we now include avatars of the Checked in and Checked out by person. If the person hasn't yet checked out, and you'd like to check them out, you'll see a button in place of the avatar.

If an admin checks someone out, they'll be labeled as the checked out by person.

Security Code

By popular request, we've added which Security code was printed on the tag during this check-in. Now, if you want to make sure you know which code was printed, you can find it here on the admin side.


Once you're in a check-in view, you'll see at the top that you can easily and quickly navigate to the next check-in. 

As always, we love hearing your feedback. If there's something else that you'd love to see here, please let us know. 


The Check-ins team


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