Nov 10 - Roster Updates: Auto-updating, Sorting

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All Roster Stations are now connected! Let's say you've got an event with two Stations, checking people in. Now, if Station A checks in Johnny, you'll automatically see that update on Station B. In fact, you'll see a live update of every check-in, check-out, and when new people are added to the event.


We've added the ability to sort your Roster station by first name or last name. 

Check-out sorting

The Check-out page now has a sorting option for "Most Recent." If this page was sorted by first or last name, then the live-updated check-ins will be popping in and out of different areas, which could be disorientating. So, if the check-out page is sorted by first or last name, it will simply tell you that there is an update, and you can press the button to see the updates.

However, if the Station is sorted by "Most Recent" the page live updates, and the most recent check-ins will be at the top.



The Check-Ins Team

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