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Labels can be added to any location and event. Create custom labels to show specific information about the checked-in person.

The Labels page holds any labels you create and the two default labels that cannot be deleted. To make your own label, select Add Label. 


Custom Labels

With the label editor, you can add customized fields to your label to have more flexibility in your labels.

Creating the Label

Name your label and choose what kind of label you'll be creating.

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  1. Create a name label, security label, or birthday label.

    • Name label types print one per individual checked in.

    • Security label types print one per household checked in.

    • Birthday label types print if the checked in person's birthdate is within the week of the event.

  2. Start editing with the default label or a blank label. You can customize either template.

  3. You can also use a label you've created before or choose from our other templates.

  4. Each printer has a specific label size, as outlined in the Printer guide. Choose the printer group that will primarily be used to print this label. If you're using a label size that's different from the default label for that printer, check Custom.

Select Create Label to begin customizing your label.

In the label editor, click and drag to create a box that will hold the information on your label.


Tips for adding blocks:

  • If you are not using abbreviations or codes in your Medical Notes field, consider making the Medical Notes block larger and use 'Shrink to Fit (with Wrap)' formatting.

  • Enable Use Sample Data to see what the label will look like with realistic information.


Block Types

You can use the different blocks to add to your labels. Here's a breakdown of what you can do in each Block Type.

  1. Information about the person who is receiving the label.

  2. Anything pertaining to the check-in, such as location, person who checked them in, and times.

  3. Choose a custom People field, and use conditional formatting, when applicable, to choose what to print.

  4. For events using the Registrations Integration with Check-Ins, add selection type and add-on summary.

  5. Every label will print the text you enter.

  6. Choose where to add the security code and how it should be formatted.

  7. Add lines to break up the text on the label. The line will be at the top of the box you drag.

  8. Add an image to every label. For best results, format the image size in a third-party image editing software before uploading.


    Use the Image Sizing Guide to upload the right size and file type.

  9. Barcodes are generated from the Security Code field. They can be scanned at a Manned station for checking out.

Not all Block Types are available for each Label Type.


Check-Ins prints the First Name on the label. If someone goes by multiple names, use the Given Name field to show their legal name.

Continue clicking and dragging the blocks to add more block types.

Block Options

If you select a block on your label, you can customize that block to fit your needs.

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  1. Bold the text in the selected block or invert the color to white text with a black background.

  2. Align the text, image, or barcode within the block to your preference.

  3. Rotate the text, image, or barcode to change its orientation, bring it to the front layer, or send it back a layer.

When your label is formatted the way you like it, and all blocks are customized to your preferences, click outside of the block and click Save Label. Return to the Labels page by clicking All Labels in the top left.

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If you're using a Dymo Printer, make sure you ShowDymo Margins to see what the label will look like.

Legacy Printing Labels

You may have created labels before Universal Printing. You can still use these labels, but you cannot make new legacy labels.

Name Label

Name, location, date, and medical notes will show on the name label, but you can add or remove other information.

modal_non-universal_name label_numbered.png
  1. Print the name and mobile phone number of the parent/guardian who checked them in from a Manned or Self Station.

  2. Enable if you use numeric paging systems. The numbers start at 1 every day at midnight in your timezone.

  3. If you're not using security labels, like for a Choir or Youth Group, you can turn off printing the security code on the Name Label.

Security Label

A Security Label will print the date, security number, and the barcode. Choose what you'd like it to print with the consecutive number.

  1. Print only the number of the corresponding name label shown on the side of the name label.

  2. Print the number and the name of each person next to their number.

  3. Print the number as well as the location that each person checked into.

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