Create, Edit, and Delete Labels

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Choose which types of information you'd like to show on your labels. If you use a Dymo Printer, you have access to more information to add to the label.

View Default Labels

There are two types of printed labels: Name and Security.

A Name Label will print for each check in.

Name Label
  1. Location
  2. Session date/time
  3. Location options checked
  4. Medical Notes field
  5. Checked In By information
  6. Security Code

For privacy, you could use codes for Medical Notes, especially in classrooms where children can read. Codes are also great to add multiple notes to the label since it is limited to 40 characters.

A Security Label will print for each household. Use this label to pick up your children.

Security Label

To add, edit, and create labels, go to a location, and then click Manage Labels.

From the Manage Labels page, click Add Label.

Name Label Information

Name, location, date, and notes will show on any name label you create; however, you can choose to remove some options from the labels.

name label
  1. The label names only show on the Admin side.
  2. Checked-In By will print the name and mobile phone number of the parent/guardian who checked them in from a Manned or Self Station
  3. Consecutive Numbers is for numeric paging systems. The numbers start at 1 everyday at midnight in your timezone.
  4. If you’re not using security labels, like for a Choir or Youth Group, you can turn off printing the security code on the Name Label.

Click Submit to create the label.

Security Label Information

A Security Label will print the date and security number as well as the barcode. Choose what you'd like it to print with the consecutive number.

security label
  1. These label names are only shown on the Admin side.
  2. Print only the number of the corresponding name label, shown on the side of the name label.
  3. Print the number as well as the name of each person next to their number.
  4. Print the number as well as the location that each person checked into.

Click Submit to add your new label.

Add Dymo Custom Labels

If you’re using Dymo Printers, and you want to add other information to the label, create a label in the Dymo software, and then upload it to Check-Ins.

If your organization uses Direct Printing, please see the information on converting custom Dymo labels for easy printing.

1. Download a Default Label

To make it easier to customize your label, download a default label from Check-Ins and use it as a template.

From the Manage Labels page, open the Default Name Label or Default Security Label.

choose a default label

Click Download label to download the label. Click the downloaded label to open the Dymo software and use the label as an template.

Dymo Information

  • Check-Ins is only compatible with Dymo v8.5.3 or v8.7.2, so use the same version on every device to avoid label issues.
  • Default labels are 2 5/16" x 4". If you need to use a different size, you'll have to change that size within the Dymo software.

3. Upload to Labels

From the Manage Labels page, click Add Label.

Click the custom Dymo printer label link.

choose Dymo link

Fill out the information about your Dymo label.

upload label and enter specifics
  1. Enter a name for the label. These will only show on the Admin side.
  2. Choose the type of label you're uploading.
  3. Click Choose File to upload the label file you created and saved.
  4. If you're using a Dymo Twin Turbo, you can specify which side you want the label to print to.

Click Submit to add the label.

Some Dymo customizations may slow down printing. If printing is slow, try removing some of the fields from the label.

Continue adding labels by cicking Add Label, or click an added label to edit or delete it.

The Default Labels cannot be edited or deleted.

For quick glance, refer to the icons:

  1. Name Label
  2. Security Label
  3. Dymo Label

Once you've added labels, add them to a location or event!

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