Creating Custom Labels

Fully customizable labels are currently only available with Dymo printers. However, if you’d like to make some small changes to the default labels for all printers, you can do that by clicking “add label” next to the All Printers section.

Custom Labels for All Printers

  1. The Checked-In By feature will print the name and cell phone number of the parent/guardian who checked them in. This is set in the Station mode of both Manned and Self Stations.
  2. Consecutive Numbers is mostly used for numeric-only paging systems. This will print a number for every person that checks in starting at 1 everyday at midnight in your timezone. If you use this feature, you’ll also want to create a new Security Label, which will have  some other consecutive number options. (See Below).
  3. If you’re not using security labels, like for a Choir or Youth Group, you can turn off printing the security code on the Name Label. This ultimately makes the Label act as a basic Name Label.
  1. Consecutive Numbers - will print only the number of the corresponding name label number.
  2. Consecutive Numbers with Names - will print the number as well as the name of each person next to their number.
  3. Consecutive Numbers with Locations - will print the number as well as the location that each person checked into.

Change the Event Settings

Once these are created, you’ll want to make sure you change the label types on the Event.

  • Navigate to your Event
  • Click on the “Labels & Locations” tab
  • Click on either the top level folder or a specific location you’d like to add these labels to
  • Click Edit by the labels, and select the ones you’d like to change them to

Full Customization with Dymo

Want even more customization? If you’re using Dymo label printers, you can create your own label in the Dymo software, and uploading it to Check-Ins. Check out this article to find out how.

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