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To ensure that event volunteers have all they need on the day of your event, you want to prepare by acquiring all the necessary equipment, correctly configuring stations, and testing everything before the event.

Gather Equipment

While technical equipment may vary for each event, most events require the following at the very least:

  • Devices for check in and check out 

  • Printers (if you want to print labels)


    Make sure your devices and printers are compatible!

  • Internet access/network


    Even if you're not setting up Wi-Fi printers, Check-Ins requires consistent and protected access to the internet and these external sites. It's best if the Check-Ins devices are given priority on a closed, managed network and are close to access points/routers. Consider the following:

    • Is your wireless network managed or unmanaged?

    • Is your network open to the public?

    • How close is the closest access point?

    • Are other ministries using the network to download or stream content?


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Create Event and Add Labels and Stations

Once you've got all the right equipment, you're ready to put together your event and add labels and stations! There are three main steps to the administrative side of your event, and you must have editor permissions in Check-Ins to tackle them.

  1. Create a new event.

  2. Create labels and add them to your events/locations.

  3. Create stations and adjust their settings as necessary.


    If you have multiple events that will be live on the same day at the same time, lock your station to the particular event you need it for. To have this happen automatically, set up a station template!

Test Before the Event

Test your setup before the event date to ensure that the right people are filtered into the correct locations, your labels print how you designed and assigned them, and you know how to check in all types. By testing early, you can make any necessary adjustments to ensure everything goes smoothly on the day of your event!

  • For self and roster stations, add a new, made-up time to your real event for testing purposes. You can delete the testing time and any check-ins once you finish testing.

  • For manned stations, use your existing event to make sure your labels are printing correctly. (Remember that manned stations can override your location filters!) Delete any check-ins from your testing once you've verified it is working.


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