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It's that time again! Summer is right around the corner, and we’ve made some updates to our Registrations Integration to help you feel more prepared! 

Previously, integrated events were missing some core Check-Ins features such as Event Times, Event Frequency, and all of the new features that came with our station design improvements.

With this update, your integrated events will include all of the previous features you rely on for VBS, plus many new ones!

New: Event Frequency

Determine the days your event should run by assigning it an event frequency. Pop over to the Settings tab in your Check-Ins event and choose whether your event occurs daily or weekly. You will no longer need to manually kick off each session before it starts! 


New: Times

You can now edit the time of your event, choose your show-at and hide-at times, as well as manage excluded locations. If your event has multiple times that you want people to check into separately, you can also add additional times!


Improved: Creating Check-Ins Locations

When it comes to creating Check-Ins locations for your event, we have a few different options for you to choose from:

Create your Locations Manually

If you would prefer to set up your Check-Ins locations using the regular location tools and filters in Check-Ins, you can do so by selecting the link under “Link Attendees.” This option will link your attendees to your Check-Ins event but will allow you to create your preferred locations in Check-Ins. 


Link All Assignment Types

If you want to pre-assign your attendees to specific Check-Ins locations, we recommend using assignment types in Registrations. This will allow you to assign attendees to a location based on filters or preferences. Previously, with our integration, you could only link one Registrations assignment type to one Check-Ins event. Now, you can sync “All Assignment Types” to your event so that you no longer have to juggle multiple Check-Ins events. They will even stay in sync as you add more assignment types while you plan. Select the “All Assignments” link to create this event type.


Link an Individual Assignment Type

If you have one assignment type in your Registrations Signup or would like to create a separate Check-Ins event for each assignment type, select the link showing the desired assignment type.


Improved: New Station Design

Early last year, we released a new Station design that is faster, easier to use, and full of new features. Initially, this new design was only released for regular Check-Ins events, but we are happy to report that it is now available for all events. This upgrade includes a new, fresh look for your stations, as well as several new features listed HERE!


Improved: Roster Stations

With the move to the new station design, you’ll notice the most significant changes with Roster Stations. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Security labels will now print one per household rather than one per person.
  • Rosters will populate with attendees whose registration status is “Complete.”
  • If you are utilizing assignment areas in your Signup, your attendees will be filtered into the locations they are assigned to at your Roster Station.
  • If you do not sync your assignment areas and you do not create manual Check-Ins locations, you will get a list of all registered attendees.


Improved: Attendee Grouping at Stations

With our previous integration, attendees were grouped at the stations based on the list of attendees they were registered with. Now, people will be grouped with their household members by default, but you will be able to see other people from their registration group in the “More people ____ can check in” extended menu:


How to get help!

If you or your teammates have questions about these updates, feel free to respond to this email or click the (?) in the top right-hand corner of Planning Center! We would love to hear your feedback. 


Happy checking in! 

Team Check-Ins

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