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If you need to make quick changes to a station, you can change the Station Settings directly from the station by using a created station key.

First, from the Stations tab, select Station Keys to create and manage any keys.

select station keys

The Keys tab shows the keys and allows you to create new ones or edit and delete old ones.

The History tab shows when those keys were created, edited, and deleted.

view tabs

When you select Add Key, you can create a new key for stations to use.

enter keys information
  1. Enter a unique name for the key.
  2. Enter a 6-digit key a person will use to access the settings.
  3. To view the pin, select Show Pin.
  4. To make changes to the name or pin #, or to delete the key, select Edit.

It's best to create keys by department. If, at any time, you need to remove access for a department, you can simply edit or delete the key.

Once you've created the key, use it to make changes to the station on-the-fly by selecting the gear at the bottom right.

change station settings

Station Keys are not available on Checkistrations Roster Stations because they are not allowed to switch to Manned or Self.

Enter the Station Key and select Log In to be taken to the Station Settings.

enter login

In addition to the Station Settings, you can make changes to the printer from the Printer Settings.

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