Update: Fix for Slow Dymo Printing on Windows

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We are aware that some Windows devices are experiencing slow printing with Dymo labels. If you are affected, you would see around a 20-second gap in between each label. 

Dymo has released a fix (version 8.7.1). Click here to download the Windows or Mac version. Once you've downloaded and installed the latest version, reboot your computer.

If you are not able or wanting to upgrade, you can use the workaround below with your current Dymo version.

Block certain Dymo internet traffic.

Dymo uses an external service to validate that labels are in a correct format. The problem is that this service is limiting the amount of print requests that can come in at a time. This validation results in slow printing. This service isn't 100% needed so you can block it completely on each device. This may sound scary and/or complicated, but it will be easier than downgrading Dymo.

Downgrading Dymo may cause custom labels to print incorrectly so if you wish to continue using your current custom labels, blocking is your only option. 

  • Start > Run > wf.msc
  • Left pane > Outbound Rules > Right Pane > New Rule
  • Custom rule, Next
  • All programs, Next (Protocols and Ports page), Next
  • “Which remote IP addresses does this rule apply to?” > Check “these IP addresses”
  • Click Add, in the box for “This IP address or subnet” type:
  • Click ok, Next
  • Make sure “Block the connection” is checked, Next
  • Domain, Private, and Public all checked, Next
  • Give the rule a name “Dymo slow printing fix”
  • Click Finish
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