Registrations Integration - Extra features

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In conjunction with our Check-Ins and Registrations updates, we've added a few other smaller updates you may be interested in.

  1. On a Station, if a Registrations event is no longer live, you'll now see an option to create a new session. This is especially helpful for VBS, where you need to create a new session every day.
  2. We also lifted the veil on checking people in to past sessions on the admin side of Check-Ins. So now, you can go to any past session you'd like and add people.
  3. Any unanswered questions from Registrations event will now show up as alerts in Check-Ins.
  4. We used to have a somewhat complicated way of handling your session, where you would have to switch back and forth between Registration event and Check-Ins events. Now, you can simply change the "lock to" from a Check-Ins event to a Registrations event to make the change. This transition is also super easy with the Station Keys feature we recently released. 
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