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You've created your event with all its necessary times and locations, and now you're ready to check people in to that event. Follow the steps below to check in regular attenders, guests, and volunteers to make sure your reports are clean.

Checking in a Volunteer?

Check-Ins will automatically show their check-in type as the Volunteer check-in type if one of the following applies:

  • their last check-in to this event was as a Volunteer.
  • you are using the Check-Ins/Services integration, and the volunteer is scheduled in the corresponding plan.

Manned Station

Once you've created your station, begin checking people in by typing their name in the search bar.

The person's household will show on screen, allowing you to check multiple people into multiple places on one screen.

  1. The names are listed in alphabetical order with the adults first.
  2. If a person has checked in before, their most recent location and time will be listed under their name.
  3. The check-in type, Regular, Visitor, or Guest, can be changed by selecting the icon.
  4. Edit the person's information.

If a person wants to check in to a different location, time, or as a different status than listed, select their name to be taken to other options.

  1. Change their check-in type.
  2. Select a different location.
    If the location you want to add them to isn't in the list, select Show All Locations to give more options.
  3. Select the appropriate time.

Once you made the necessary changes, select Prepare Check-In to be taken back to the list of people in the household.

Select the checkboxes to check in the appropriate people and choose their Checked In By person from the dropdown.

Select Check in x People to add those people to that event, and print labels if needed.

Self Station

Enter a phone number or scan a barcode to pull up a person's household and check them in.

Choose who to check in by checking the boxes or change the location by selecting the name of the person.

If you select a person, choose a new location for the person and select Prepare Check-In, which will take you back to the household and show a checkmark next to that person.

If a person hasn't been checked in as a Volunteer before, they'll need to check in at a manned station in order to change their status; otherwise, they'll be checked in as a Regular or won't have access to the locations at all, depending on the filter.

Select the checkboxes to check in the appropriate people and choose their checked in by person.

Select Check in x People to add those people to that event, and print labels if needed.

Roster Station

From this list, you can view all the people who have previously checked in to your event or a specific location before searching for them.

  1. Choose a location from the dropdown to see a list of only those who have checked into that location before.
  2. If you need to check in a new person, search for them to add them to the appropriate location.
  3. If someone's location is different, you can choose to cancel their check-in, which ignores this error, or check in that person to the new location.

Change a person's status by selecting it.

Change the status and select the location and time then select Check in.

As others enter the location, select the checkmark to check them in. After the event is over, select Switch to Check Out to begin checking people out of that location.

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