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People who teach or serve at your events can check in with the Volunteer check-in type. You can use ratio filters on locations to ensure Regulars/Guests don't outnumber Volunteers, ensure they have finished their background check requirements, utilize a different name label, and much more!

Check-Ins will automatically show their check-in type as the Volunteer check-in type if one of the following applies:

  • their last check-in to this event was as a Volunteer.

  • you are using the Check-Ins/Services integration, and the volunteer is scheduled in the corresponding plan.

If those two things have not happened, follow the steps below to check in your Volunteers.

First Check In

If a person is a Volunteer for the first time, check them in on a Manned or Roster Station.

From those stations, you can choose their type to be Volunteer, which will override any filters on the location.


Location Filters

If you want to create a location that is for volunteers only, set up the location filters to a grade or age that wouldn't apply to adults and choose Adults Only.


A Volunteer type can override any of the location filters and check in, even from a Self Station, after they've been identified as a Volunteer check-in type either at a station or through the Services integration.


If the location is closed, no one, including a Volunteer, can check in.

If the location requires background checks for Volunteers, a Volunteer without a background check will not be able to check in from any station.

Volunteers under 18 can manually have a background check set to Clear that doesn't expire until their 18th birthday.


If you want Volunteers to wear a name label, enable Volunteer on the name label.


Unless you want someone to pick up the Volunteers, disable Volunteer on the security label.


You can create a label just for Volunteers, which doesn't have a security code or checked in by person.

Check-Ins/Services Integration

If your church is subscribed to Services and uses the scheduling feature to schedule volunteers, use the Check-Ins/Services integration to get even more information about your volunteers and make sure they're checking in.


We don't match Service team assignments with Locations, so once a person checks in as a Volunteer the first time, they will always be recognized as a Volunteer at that location.

The next time they check in, they will be suggested their previous location. If they edit their location, they'll default to a Regular check-in.

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