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Volunteers are the main people who check in people for services, which gives them access to view and edit data, so it's important to train them well!

If a volunteer is an Editor, all they need to do is download the Check-Ins app and set up a station.

However, if a volunteer doesn't have permissions in Check-Ins, they can download the Check-Ins app, and an Admin will need to sign in for them to create a station on their device.

Check people in by tapping the empty box, which adds a checkmark. But, the station is even more powerful than just checking in a person.

  1. Add a member of the household or make changes to a person's information by tapping Edit Household.
  2. To check the person into the right place with the right status of Regular, Guest, or Volunteer, tap the pencil.
  3. If a person comes with the household but isn't a part of the household, add the person as a guest.

If a person is not found on search, they can be added to the account by clicking Add Person.

Choose what type of person needs to be added.

  1. If the person doesn't have a household that already exists in Planning Center, create a new household for them.
  2. If the person has just started coming with members of his or her household, add him or her to the existing household.
  3. If the person is only visiting for this one time, create him or her as a one-time guest. One-time guests will not be added to your database.

Make sure your volunteers know what fields to add when creating or editing a profile. Check-Ins only requires first and last name for people to check in, but if your location filters require age, grade, or gender, the person will not be able to check in on a Self Station until those fields are completed.

Check Settings

Ensure the station has the correct settings.

If you need to change the settings, you can create station keys for when someone needs to change their station settings on the fly:

  • Change the station type from Self to Manned to add a new person.
  • Change the station type from Self to Roster for checking out.
  • Change the event or location to check in other people.
  • Choose another live station to print to or choose Self to print through the current device.
station settings
  1. If the person is only checking people into one event or location, lock the station to that event or location to ensure people are checked in to the correct place.
  2. A station can print to another station, which allows them to print labels without being connected to a printer. Check the Print to to ensure the station is printing to the correct place.

You can access Printer Settings on mobile devices. They let you choose the printer you want to connect to, do a test print, and change label types.


If the station should print labels, make sure the volunteer knows where those labels are printing as well as what needs to happen if they don't print.

Multiple labels may print, depending on your default labels, security labels, and options. Make sure volunteers understand where the labels go and why by referring them to the folder or locations settings.

location settings

Utilize Templates

Create station templates to automatically switch a station's settings on a specific day and time based on your events. The station will be set up and ready to use for that event when volunteers launch the app.

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