Common Station Templates

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If you group stations together in a template, you will save so much time on the day of your events! Set them up the way that works best for your situation from some of these commonly used examples.

Change for Weekday Events

If your stations are used throughout the week, you can set up a template for them to automatically change when you're finished checking in people on Sunday.

Set your template for your Sunday Services to start before the first location opens.

Sunday Service template

Then, create another template that locks to the new event--or no event--and set the time to start when all Sunday events have finished.

weekday template

The checked stations will change at the appointed time, allowing your daily event to be ready to check in the next morning.

Switch for Check Out

If you don't have a volunteer at a station for check in, but you expect parents to check out with a volunteer, you can have that station switch to a Manned or Roster Station in order for volunteers to check people out.

Set the time for when people could be checking out, and the stations will automatically switch to Manned or Roster Stations at that time.

Make sure you set your Roster Station Settings to default to checkout mode!

🤞 Stations - Check-Ins

Your stations will change at the end of service for volunteers to help people check out.

If you ever get in a bind and need to change a station, make sure you set up Station Keys!

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