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A Citizen Printer can only be used with an Android/iOS device and must be used over Bluetooth.


Citizen printers cannot connect to a desktop/laptop directly. If you want to print from a Windows or Mac App station, you can print to another station.

Check out this training on how to print from a mobile device.

Printers and Labels

  • Printers: Citizen CMP-30II BTIUCL, or CMP30- LBTIU (discontinued)

    The printer is intended to be hooked to your belt while the station device is in your hands.

    Citizen has made multiple models of the CMP-30, so please make sure you have the exact model number BTIUCL,which is the only one that will work with Check-Ins. If the model number is missing any of those letters, the printer will not work with Check-ins.

  • Labels: The supported label sizes for Citizen and Check-Ins are 3" x 2".


We've searched around for the best prices and found that Straight-Line Solutions can provide you with consistently great prices for these supported printers and labels. You can order them from their website at Straight-Line Solutions or call them at 916-681-6805.

Connect to a Printer

The only step to connect to a printer is to turn on Bluetooth for the iOS/Android device and find the printer in the list.


If you are prompted to enter the PIN to connect to the Citizen Printer, try 0000, which is the default PIN from Citizen.



  • The Citizen printer can only be directly connected to one Check-Ins station at a time; however, another station can print to it if you use the Print to Another Station feature.

  • Having the printer paired with another device, even if that device is not on, can cause issues. To fix this, unpair the printer from the originally paired device and then try pairing it with the correct device again.

  • Keep the station device close to the printer and away from other devices and printers that also use Bluetooth.

Test Print

To make sure your printer is working correctly, send a test print to the printer.

  1. From the Check-Ins Android or iOS App, tap the gear icon and then tap the Printer Settings button. You do not need to enter a Station Key.

  2. Tap the Print Test Label button.

  3. The label will print.


Bluetooth can take a bit to make the initial pairing, and it takes longer to send the print command for the tags compared to wireless. Once the printer receives the print command, it will take a full second to print the label.

If your issue isn't listed here, chat with other people in our communities on Slack and Facebook or contact support using the ? in the app.

If you need to switch the station the printer is connected to, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect the printer in the Bluetooth settings of the device.

  2. Turn off the device.

  3. Once the device is shut off, pair the printer to the new device in the new device's Bluetooth settings.

If your printer makes a whirring noise and shuts off, that's likely due to weak batteries. Replace the batteries even if you're connected to an AC adapter.

If your printer prints labels without formatting or in the wrong font, it's likely due to the printer being factory reset and no longer on the correct configuration. Check-Ins labels need the printer emulation to be CPCL. You can contact Citizen directly to reset the printer for CPCL emulation.

If the printer is printing blank labels between the labels, re-calibrate the gaps between labels with the laser sensor:

  1. Peel the first two labels off the label roll but leave the label backing attached to the roll.

  2. Roll it all back up and insert it into the printer.

  3. Press the feed button.

  4. It will advance the two backing slots and one label, and then the problem should resolve.

If the labels are printing too slow, go into the Printer Settings and disable Print Universal Labels. The printer will only print the default name and security labels going forward.

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