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In order to know any special needs of those checking in, you can add medical notes to their profile. These notes can be printed on the person's name tag.


For any sensitive information, you can use an abbreviation or code that volunteers understand. Or, if you don't need it to be printed on a label, either remove medical notes from the label or create a Custom Field and add the information to the field.

From a person's profile, enter any medical information you want to be added onto their name tag.



Since the Medical Notes field only allows up to 40 characters in order for it to fit on the label, separate the notes with commas ( , ) or slashes ( / ) instead of line breaks ( enter ).

From a station, you can add medical notes when you add a new person or before you check them in.

  1. Search for their name.

  2. Click the pencil.

  3. Click Edit Profile to make changes.


Enter the medical note you want to print on a person's name tag.



If you have a file with medical information on it, you can import the file from People.

When a name tag is printed at check-in, it will show the medical note.



Avoid adding "No Allergies" to make that field on the label more prominent.

Medical notes will also show on the roster station.


Gather Medical Notes

If you want to make sure you have the correct medical information, you can gather it as an optional field on a Registrations Attendee Type.


You can also gather it when you add the Medical Note profile field on a People Form.


Medical Notes in Other Apps

When you edit a profile in any product, you can view and edit the Medical Notes section.


However, outside of the profile box, the Medical Notes are only shown in Check-Ins, People, and Registrations.

Medical Notes are on the Profile tab in People.


If Medical Notes is an optional field for an event, the field will be auto-filled if notes are already on a person's profile. Those notes will show on the attendee's registrations.

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