Kiosk Mode for Desktops

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Put a station in Kiosk Mode to prevent anyone from exiting the station. You can also force the app to launch directly into Kiosk Mode every time you start your computer.

Toggle Kiosk Mode

From the View menu, click Toggle Kiosk, and the station will take over the whole screen. Click Always Launch in Kiosk Mode to make sure the station launches in Kiosk mode every time it's opened.



You can toggle back to normal mode by pressing the following key combinations:

  • Windows (Alt+Ctrl+Enter)

  • Mac (Alt+Command+Enter)

For tablets without external keyboards, put the Onscreen Keyboard in full layout mode, to see all of the keys.

Print out the tips below and put them on your station!


Automatically Launch Station

From the Window menu, click Automatically Launch at Login, and the app will open when you start your computer.

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