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After years of understanding what works and doesn't work with Check-Ins, we're in the process of making some design changes to the Station side experience. We really want this change to happen as slow and painless as possible, so we're going to start slow, and hopefully get to a brand new, more efficient, more intuitive, and easier-to-use Station experience within the year. 

Our first step will be rolling out to all Manned Stations in the next few weeks. We're moving the "Edit Person" button. The fastest way to edit a person will now be at the top of the household with the "Edit Household" button (1). And the edit button on the far right of each person will now go to edit their check-in (2), not their profile.

We've also added a quick way to edit a specific person on the "Edit Check-In" page (3). 


But why though?

  • Over the last few years we've found that editing a specific profile is not a primary action when checking people in. Checking in is all about speed, and all about getting the families through the system safely and securely. Editing a profile is really a secondary action. So, we moved the button from a primary action area to a secondary one. 
  • Another confusing point we've found is that people sometimes tap on the person name, when all they really need to do is tap on the checkbox next to their name. Therefore, one of the next steps is to change the tap option in the middle to be the same as the check box. This means the far right button will now be the only way to edit a check-in. 
  • We have plans for another button there in the future.
  • If you still want fast access to editing a person, our keyboard shortcuts still work! Use the up/down arrows to select a person, and when you hit "e" it will bring up editing that specific person. While on the household listing page, type "?" to see a list of all the available keyboard shortcuts.

You should start seeing these changes over the next few weeks. Please contact support if you have any major concerns. Keep being awesome!


Team Check-Ins

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