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Use the Church Center App to check in members of your household and scan the app when you arrive at church to print labels.


Check out this video to see how to check in with the Church Center app!

Check In Household

On the day of the event, the Check-In tab will show an option to check in to an event.

Choose who to check in, as well as the time, location, any options, and who's checking them in, and then tap Next to continue the process.



Previous locations that you or your family members have checked into will be auto-selected in the app.

If you see a message that you are checked in, you are good to go! If you get a QR code, this means your church wants to print out labels for you. When you get to a station at your church, scan the QR code, and you will be checked in and get your labels printed.


Once you're checked in, you can use the same screen to check out!


Can't Find a Specific Person to Check In

To check in a person, the person must be part of your household. If you're a trusted person for a child, you cannot see that child on Church Center. You'll have to ask an administrator at your church to help you check in another way.

For events that require registration, you will only be able to select household members who are registered for the event.

Everyone Pre-Checked is Not Checked In

  • Pre-checking household members does not reserve a spot for them. If you scan your QR code and the location you selected for a household member is no longer available, you will need to select a different location or deselect that household member in Church Center to continue.

  • If the station is locked to a specific location, only people pre-checked for that location will be checked in. Ask an administrator to help you locate all the stations you'll need to visit to check in all your family members.

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