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Use the Church Center App to check in members of your household and scan the app when you arrive at church to print labels.

Check out this video to see how easy it is to check in with the Church Center App and follow the steps below to set it up.


Which to use: Church Center App or Mobile Pass?

The Church Center app allows for contactless check-in: With the Church Center app, you can choose who to check in - and where - before you arrive at church. The mobile pass, however, requires you to choose who you're checking in after you scan the code. 

Once you've scanned the Church Center app at the station, it prints the appropriate labels immediately, without having to make changes on the station.

Enable the Church Center App

Before you can check in your household, the Church Center App must be enabled in Accounts and in the Event Settings.

Enable in Accounts

An Organization Administrator must enable Check-Ins from the Church Center settings in Accounts.

Once it's enabled, people can download it on Android or iOS devices and use it to check in their household.

Enable in the Event

From the event, enable the ability to show the event in Church Center. By default, this allows people to pre-check themselves in, and they have to scan a QR code to complete their check-in.

If you want people to be able to check in without scanning a QR code, enable Allow Complete Check-In.

Event Settings - Check-Ins

Check In Household

On the day of the event, the Check-In tab will show an option to check in to an event. Choose who to check in, as well as the time, location, any options, and who's checking them in, and then tap Next to get the QR code.

choose who to check in

Previous locations will be auto-selected in the app.

When you get to a station, scan the QR code, and the people will be checked in!

If Allow Complete Check-In is enabled in the Event Settings, and there are no labels attached to the location, the QR code will disappear, and people will be checked into the selected locations.

scan barcode

If a station is locked to one location, only those checking in to that location will be checked in.

Once you're checked in, you can use the same screen to check out!

Share with Your Church

Implementing a new system can be tricky. We recommend you take these steps to share this app with your congregation and help them check in faster!

  1. Test with staff and volunteers first. Send the link for the Android or iOS app to your key members who can help you try it out.
  2. Make an announcement to the church about the new way of checking in. You can share or even download the video!
  3. Add Church Center icons to your bulletin, so people can find the app in their app store.
  4. Schedule additional people at the check-in station to help those for the first time.
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