Personalize Stations with Themes

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Personalize a station by adding a theme! Coordinate with a sermon series or even VBS images. If you don't create and apply a theme, the station will stay the default Check-Ins purple.

Click the gear and choose Themes to create new themes or access other themes.


Click a theme to edit it, or click New Theme to create a new one.


Upload an image or choose a background color to set for the new theme.

  1. Name your theme based on when or where it will be used.

  2. Choose an image from your computer to add as the background.

  3. Choose the best overlay color, so text will look best. Select light for a white background and dark for a black background.

  4. If you don't have an image to use, add a background color instead.

Click Submit to add the theme and view the preview in the themes box. If you need to make any changes, click the theme to edit or delete it.


Because Check-Ins works on any device in any browser at any size, we do our best to center the uploaded image. If you'd like a perfect fit, it's best set your background image to the screen size of your Station device.

After you've created the themes you want, add them to stations by selecting a station and choosing the theme from the dropdown.

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