MacOS Catalina will not work with Dymo Widget

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With the release of Mac’s upcoming Operating System (MacOS Catalina 10.15) this fall, Apple will be dropping support for all 32-bit applications, of which the Dymo Web Service (Dymo's printing widget) is one. 

Unfortunately, this means that if you are using the Dymo widget for Check-Ins, printing will no longer work when you update to the new Operating System

For this reason we recommend you switch to our Direct Printing solution. Direct Printing is a 64-bit application that will allow you to continue printing with Dymo and Mac’s new Operating System.

Direct Printing does not yet support Zebra printers. So please, if you rely Zebra printers, do not update your Mac to the new operating system.

As soon as our Direct Printing supports Zebra printers, you can update your Operating System. We will let you know when this change is released on the admin side of Check-Ins and on our blog.

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