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Some events have small groups during their event and want to take attendance for the event and the small group.

For example, if your youth group meets for worship and a message but then splits up into small groups, you may want to take attendance twice--one for the event itself and one for your group leaders to follow up.

To track attendance twice, you need to create an event in Check-Ins and Groups, take attendance in both places, and then a group leader can follow up with the group members at the end of the event.


Why should I use two apps instead of just two events? Using Check-Ins allows you to print labels and capture overview data, and using Groups allows your group leaders to access group member information and add people as visitors to their groups.

Create Events

In order for this to be effective for attendance trends and for follow up, create the event in both Check-Ins and the group.

In Check-Ins, create the location for all people who can check in.

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In Groups, create the group that meets during the event, and then create a recurring event that reflects the Check-Ins event.

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Take Attendance

As people arrive, take attendance in Check-Ins with a Manned, Roster, or even a Self Station.

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Then, when it's time for groups, group leaders can go to their group page and take attendance from the event.

report attendance_arrow.png

Follow Up

At the end of the night, group leaders can view the attendance report and send out texts to those who missed the event.

attendance report.png

Taking attendance in both Check-Ins and Groups allows you to keep your general event attendance within Check-Ins, while giving each leader control of their own group communication and attendance within Groups.

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