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We've been hard at work behind the scenes in Check-ins, changing the way locations and times are structured. This new structure will give you new options for managing both times and locations -- being able to exclude locations for certain times, and checking into multiple locations at the same time!

Automatically close locations for certain times

If you don't provide childcare during a particular service time, you can now exclude that location from the time.


When you edit times, you'll now see a new tab at the top called "Excluded Locations." In the above example, the Toddlers, Walkers, and Penguins locations are all excluded for the 11:00 time.

Check into two locations at once


Now in a single Check-In, you can select a different location for each time. Both times and locations will print on the Name labels


How to enable

All new events created after today will use the new structure automatically. If you’d like to use the new structure for an old Event, you can do so on the Times page.

On all old events that have more than one time, click the Times & Locations button to read more and convert the event to the new structure. It'll only take a few seconds to do so — but you can't change it back. Please only do this when you have time to verify the changes.

Please note that making this switch impacts auto-suggested times and locations. Check-Ins always auto-suggests times and locations based on the person’s time and location from the previous session. But when you change to the new structure, the history from the old structure won’t apply. When a person checks in for the first time after the switch, they’ll need to manually select the correct time and location. 

A secondary option you have is to go back one week (or session) and update their last locations and times to the new structure. This way when Check-Ins look to the person's history, there will be a different location each time, and we can auto-suggest the correct one.

To do so, go back a session with the arrow at the top left of the event, then go into a particular check-in history. You'll see a section there at the bottom where it'll allow you to change last weeks time and location.



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