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We're all in with custom labels, folks! If you haven't yet jumped into Universal Printing, now is the time. Here's the last few updates we're doing to make this feature awesome.


At the top of the list of new features is the ability to move elements to the top, or bottom! 

With every element you click on, you'll see an alignment option that can bring that element to the front, or "on top" of all the other elements, or send it to the back.

Conditional Forms

Some people were using the yes/no custom field option to ask if it's ok to have photos printed. We've improved that feature from just printing "true" or "false," to whatever text you want based on whether they select yes, no, or the field is unanswered.


In this case, I only want the words "NO PHOTOS" to print on the label if they've selected "no" as their answer. 


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