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If you'd like people to check in, even if they're not physically on campus, you can create a form for them to fill out, and then check in individuals using a form automation or check in households using lists.


This process requires access to People. If you don't have access, ask another Administrator to take these steps or to give you permission.

Create a Form

To find out who attended your service, create a form with a dropdown or checkbox to allow people to mark their attendance.


You could also add more fields to find more information. Here are some examples:

  • Dropdown: Who watched the service?

    • Myself

    • All Household Adults

    • All Household Members

  • Dropdown: What time did you watch the service?

    • 9:00am

    • 11:00am

    • 5:00pm

Check In Individuals

If you want each individual to fill out the form, make sure to communicate that! Set up a form automation to check in people who fill out the form.


Form automations run at the time the person fills out the form, so the Most Recent option will check the person into the time closest to the time they filled out the form.

Check In Households

If you want just one member of the household to fill out the form, create a list to check in the rest of the family members, and then check them into the correct time.

Create a List

To find family members of the person who filled out the form, create a list with a rule looking for people who filled out the form, and choose all household members.


How Many Times are in Your Event?

You will use a different feature to check people into the correct time. Expand the number of times you have in your event to take the right next step.

One Time

From the list, go to the Automations tab, and create an automation to check people into the correct event, time, and location.


Set the list to Auto-refresh every night from the Settings, and it will check people in for you to view the next morning!


If you want to check people in manually, you can use the bulk update button from the list and check in everyone at once!

Multiple Times

If you have multiple times in your event, you can use the bulk update button to check people in at the end of each time.


Why can't I just use an Automation?

List automations run at 2am in your time zone, and they will check people into either a selected time or the most recent time, which will be the last time of your event. If you use an automation, you will not be able to specify a time to check people into.

From the Results tab, click the bulk action icon.


Use the dropdowns to check people into the correct event, time, and location.


Duplicate the List for Other Times

For any service after, duplicate the first list to add a condition that excludes people who checked into the first time.


Keep creating lists that exclude times, so people are checked into the correct time. Then, run the bulk update at the end of each service time to check people in!

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