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In a response to the ongoing health concerns, we're aware people may not be physically attending church for a while. We also know the heart of church is having the tools to still follow up and be there for the community. 

That's why we've added a way where you can still track attendance with Check-Ins, even if people are watching online--with Forms and Automations. 

First, you can create a Form where it asks people if they attended today's service: 

Check In! - People

Then, the basic feature we've added is the ability to check people into a location based on an Automation. That means you can check people into an event or location from a List, a Workflow, or even directly from a Form.

With that, there's two places you can add an automation based on what you'd like to do:

  1. Create an automation in the Form. If you do this, it'll automatically check every person in who filled out the form. That means, it will not check their entire family in... it'll only check in the one person who filled out the form.
  2. Create an automation from a List. If you'd like to check in the entire family, you could instead create a List, and make sure the results include all members of the household. Add the check in automation there, and it'll automatically check in every person in the household of anybody who filled out the form. 

We understand that this doesn't give you the granular ability to choose who in your household you'd like to check in, but it's a quick step that we could add in hopes it'll help the majority of people. To learn more details on how to set things up, check out our Check In With A Form article.  


Team Check-Ins

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