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Using the Lists feature in Planning Center People, you can create a list of attendees. You can share lists with others or print them using reports.

This process requires access to People. If you don't have access, ask another Administrator to take this step or to give you permissions.

To create a new list, click New List from the Lists page in People.

Refer to the Use Lists to Find Groups of People article for detailed instructions on creating a list.

Checked In

To communicate with those parents who checked in their children at your service, create a list with these rules.

Email the people on the list results, or use a third-party integration to send them a text.

Mobile Pass to Check In

See who's not using a mobile pass, and automatically send them one!

Set the list to exclude those with Barcode/Mobile Pass on their profile.

Create an automation to send them a mobile pass, and set the list to auto-refresh.

Mobile Pass to Check In - People

Household Adults without Phone Numbers

Create a list to find those in your database without phone numbers.

Once you have the list results, you can make changes in the database itself or in a CSV file.

You could also reach out to the people in the list results and have them update their contact information on Church Center or create a form to update their contact information.

Pro-Tip: Use an email template, list refresh, and an automation to automatically ask people to update their contact information.

Edit One by One

If you don't have many profiles to change, you can edit them one by one from the list results.

Click the name of a person in the list, edit their phone number, and move to the next person on the list.

list results

Export CSV File

The CSV file will show all phone numbers for the user profile if you choose to export all available data. If you have a bunch of profiles that need changes, you can update them from a CSV file. 

Click the button export the CSV file, make the changes in the file, and then import the file.

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