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With our latest release, congregants can now check their entire families into an event, from the church center app! They can be in their house, with a mouse, on their couch, while they slouch... they can check in here or there, they can check in anywhere! 

But also, don't go anywhere... stay safe, and stay home 😄

How it works 

Once this setting is enabled, make sure at least one location has no labels; perhaps a location called Online Service.

When a congregant goes to the Check-In tab in the Church Center app they will be able to select their household members, choose their location, and check in, as if it were a normal Sunday. The difference is that if they chose the location with no labels, like the Online Service, they will all be checked in immediately, without having to scan a QR code.


To enable this on your event, navigate to the Event Settings page, select show in Church Center, and also allow complete check in.


Close locations for COVID-19

During this time where people are no longer physically meeting in church, we encourage you to temporarily close all of the locations that might have labels set to print. That way, when someone goes to check in on the app from their house, it'll only suggest them to check in to the one location available. 

Stay safe, and enjoy!
Team Check-Ins

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