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We're excited to release a new checkout mode in the Church Center app! 

In the latest version of the Church Center app (version 2.1), once every child in the household is checked in, the app will automatically switch to check out mode where parents will see the security code, be able to scan the security barcode, and see the status of each child. 


Not only will parents have a better shot at keeping track of their security ticket, with it being on their phone, having this information behind the layer of a secure Church Center login adds an extra layer of security for children.

As always with Planning Center, we have plans to continue improving this feature. One thing we’re working on is a way for security codes to be shared across all adults in the same household on the Church Center app. We’ll also soon have the ability for each parent to choose whether or not they’d like to print labels at all, which would save time and trees!

Stay tuned!
Team Check-Ins 

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