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If you need to contact an adult in order to help their child, people in the US and Canada can send them a pre-written text message from a Manned or Roster Station.

There's a daily texting limit of 10% of your daily check-in limit; however, we won’t stop messages if you go over.

If you want to see what this looks like in practice, check out this video.


From a Station, navigate to the child whose parents you need to contact, and select the messaging icon.

🤞 Daycare - Check-Ins

Choose a recipient and a message to send, and then select Send Message.

🤞 Check in to Daycare - Check-Ins

Recipients include all household adults and trusted people for the child. The text message will be sent to the Mobile type of phone number. If no Mobile phone number type is listed, the text will try to be sent to other phone number types. Check profiles with a People list to ensure the people have phone numbers.

If a recipient cannot be chosen, make sure their phone number is ten digits.

These messages are transactional, so people don't have to opt-in in order to receive them. To ensure no one abuses this service for advertising, we've limited these messages to:

  • Come: Please come to [Location] for [First Name].
  • Feeding: [First Name] is hungry in [Location].
  • Diaper: [First Name] needs a diaper change in [Location].
  • Medical Emergency: [First Name] is having a medical emergency in [Location].
  • Doing Great: [First Name] is doing great!
  • Nevermind: Nevermind! [First Name] is doing great!
    This message option will only show if a message was previously sent.

Once you send a message, you can go back to the Send Message box and expand the Message History.

🤞 Check in to Daycare - Check-Ins

The messages are not two-way text messages, so responses will not be received.

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