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You have the responsibility of knowing the people who enter your classroom, teaching them, and ensuring their safety. It's a big job! We want to make it easier for you to focus on the people in your classroom by giving you some resources to make sure they're checked in.

Check In and Check Out

Use a Check-Ins Roster Station to check people in and out of your classrooms. Ask your leader to download and install a station on your personal device if a shared device is not accessible to you.

Tap the box on the Ready tab to check people in. If you check in the wrong person, you can navigate to the Here tab, tap their name, and then delete the check-in.


If people check in before they arrive to your classroom, you can use the Here tab from Check-Ins app to see who is checked in to your classroom and help them seamlessly check out at the end of class.



In case of an emergency evacuation, teachers can see all people who have checked into their classrooms in the Here tab. If Check out across all locations is enabled, ministry leaders can choose All locations to see everyone checked in across all locations.

Adding People to the Roster

If someone is trying to check in, but they're not on your roster, you won't see them on the Ready tab. However, you can still search for them and check them in.

  1. Type their name into the search bar.

  2. Search for them outside of the roster.

  3. Check them in.

If someone new attends and is not yet in your database, you can create a profile for them right on your Roster station, and then check them in.

  1. Type their name into the search bar.

  2. Select Add person.

  3. Create their profile with all the information you need, and then select Save to add them to your database.

You'll be taken back to the roster station, where you can then check them in.


You can only add individuals at a Roster station. To add a whole Household, you can use a Manned station or a People Form.

Class Report

Your leader can run attendance reports and download them as a PDF or a CSV file to share with you.


In addition to making sure people are checked in, we know you want to keep them safe. We've added some safeguards that your church can use to highlight the ways to keep a child safe.


If your location has a maximum capacity, you will see that on the Here tab.


Name labels can have an alphanumeric code on them that matches the code on a security label. At pickup time, match the alphanumeric code of the the child's label to the label shown by the person trying to pick up the child.


Checking Out

If the person picking up the child is not listed as the Checked In By person, you can verify the person is allowed to pick up the child by checking the not authorized people and choosing a different adult to check out the child.

You can see who checked in the child on their label. If the person picking up the child doesn't match, verify they're authorized to do so before the child leaves.



You can type or scan the security code to view everyone checked in together, and then tap the arrow next to their names to check them out.

Allergies/Medical Notes

In order to make sure people aren't given something they shouldn't have, medical notes can be included on the label.


Contact Parent

If you need to reach out to a parent, you can send a personalized or a default text.


If a parent's phone number is listed on the label, text them from your own device, and they can respond back to you.



What if there's no phone number on the label?

  • If a child was checked in at a Roster Station, where there's no way to specify the Checked In By person, a name and phone number will not print.

  • If a child was checked in at a Self or Manned station, and no Checked In By person was selected, a name and phone number will not print.

  • If a Checked In By name is printed, but there is no phone number, that person is missing a phone number in their profile.

  • If using a custom label, make sure that the label includes the "Checked In By" name and phone number fields.

Default Text from Station

From the Check-Ins app, you can select the message icon next to the name of the child whose parent you need to contact.

  1. Choose the person you want to contact.

  2. Choose the default message to send.

The person will not be able to respond back to the text message.

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