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Over the next few months, years, and decades we plan to continue iterating and improving the Check-Ins experience. 

One of our greatest concerns is, as we improve the experience on the Station side of Check-Ins, we may be disturbing the flow for volunteers too abruptly, and without warning. With the muscle memory that some volunteers have with Check-Ins, we could slow people down significantly by moving just one button a few pixels!

That's why we're excited to roll out Station PreviewThis is a setting per station that allows you to see and use the new features and workflows when you are ready for them!


Do some of your volunteers enjoy trying out new stuff before everyone else? This is a setting per Station so that you can pick and choose which volunteers would enjoy this, and which ones might not at all. And, if things ever get too hairy, you can turn it off easily per station. 

The Preview is not for beta features. These are fully fleshed out ideas that will eventually make their way to every Station. Sometimes it'll be weeks ahead, sometimes months. The Station Preview option is about giving you and your team the time to adjust to new features and flows that may affect your current check-in process.

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