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You can access data about events or people within Check-Ins. Use the Event Chart, reports, overview, or information from a person's profile to track activity.

Event Chart

The Event Chart shows information based on a selected time frame and event(s).

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  1. Choose a time frame to display the chart.

  2. Click "All Events" to view all events on the chart, or check only specific events to add them. Uncheck any events you want to be removed from the chart, or click "Clear All" to remove all events.

  3. Change the chart to show daily, weekly, or monthly data.

  4. Download a CSV file of what's shown on the chart.

  5. Hover over a bar on the chart to get more information about the date and attendance numbers.


From the Overview tab on any event, view the breakdown of checked in.

  1. These boxes show the number of people checked in and breaks it down into each status.

  2. Compare checked in, out, and first timers to the last session.

  3. See how many were checked in to each time.

  4. See the breakdown of check-ins based on location. If you want to break it down by time, use the All Times dropdown to select a specific time.


Reports allow you to access compiled information based on the settings of the report. Reports belong to one event. They can include the following:

  • Scope: sessions people attended or missed.

  • Information: contact and school information, as well as session-specific information such as checked in/out times and options.

  • Layout: organize the pages by status, location, time, or grade.

Access or download a Preview, CSV file, or PDF of the report from the Reports tab on an event.



Reports can only be managed by an Editor.


From a person's profile, you can see their activity, personal details, medical notes, and household information.



Stay in touch with a person's activity right from their profile, with overview information or detailed information.

  • The Activity Chart gives an overview of the person's attendance over the last 12 months.

  • The Activity Feed gives detailed check-ins, showing the time, location, and checked in by person.

  • The download button is a CSV file of their check-in data for all time.


From a person's profile, you can see the households, as well as any trusted people or people not authorized to pick up the child.



You can add widgets to Planning Center Home to keep track of data from there.

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