Add Announcement to Station

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If you have information you want people to know about when they check in, you can create an announcement that displays when people check in to an event.

From the Event Settings, enter your announcement into the box, and then click Save.

🤞 Event Settings - Check-Ins

If you want to wait to enable the announcement, you can disable the Display before check-in until you're ready for the announcement to be shown on the check-in screen.

🤞 Event Settings - Check-Ins

When a person checks in, they can dismiss the announcement by selecting OK to continue the check-in process.

Announcements are informational only; there is not a way to track who sees them.

announcement on station

If a Self station has the automatically turn on camera for mobile devices setting enabled, the camera will cover the announcement. When this settings is enabled, people scanning their code will not see the announcement.

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