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We've been recently updating and improving the Station experience and we're now excited to show the next step to our refresh: Roster Stations. Redesigned from the ground up. Through years of people using Stations, and hearing directly from you, we've made a few changes to make things faster and easier.

New Search Bar

We've streamlined the view of the search bar by combining your filters in the same line as your search.


We've also made a requirement that you have to choose one specific location. You can no longer choose a folder to check someone in.

We did this for two reasons! One, to provide clarity into exactly where that person is checking in, and two, to make the page much much faster. We think you'll notice the speed of loading locations, searching people, and switching tabs to feel incredible. 

Introducing Tabs

Focus on only the information you need at that moment. With a brand new way to see how many people are Ready, Here, or Checked out. Before we dive into each of those, let's first talk about...

The Delay

Wait, I thought you just said it was fast?! Why is there a delay?!


We do this for two exciting reasons:

  1. You know exactly when you expect something to go away. It's always a little scary to not know exactly when someone is moving, forcing you to click on something that you didn't intend to click on. 
  2. Whoops! If you didn't mean to click on something, you now have a short timeframe to "undo" the check-in before things print. It's sort of like a baked in "undo" button, which we hope will save so many accidental prints.

Now let's talk about the Ready tab, which is always only a list of people who are ready to be checked in. You no longer need to scroll through all the different statuses of each person. It's a focused view to help you see what you need to, and only what you need.

Here Tab

On the Here tab you can always see how many people are here by the number in the tab. Once you're there though (or here to be exact 😆), you'll see a list of everyone who is Here, sorted by when they checked in.


You can text the parent from the far right icon, and easily check them out. And it all has that same delay to help keep things consistent and easy to use.

Checked Out Tab

The checked out tab isn't quite as flashy, but it's still a great informational tab, sorted by when that person checked out.

Light and Dark mode

Just like with the new Manned and Self Station designs, this one will work in both a light and a dark mode, so you can keep that awesome background that you love.


So much more went on behind the scenes to make this faster, more flexible, and easier to see, but there's not enough time to explain all of it. We have some more plans to continue iterating on this (like sorting by first and last name, working with Registrations, and more), but we hope you can dive right in, and let us know what you think by tapping the "Send Feedback" button on the bottom left of the Station!

Happy Checking In!
Team Check-Ins

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