Update: Universal Printing Now Supports Dual Label Printers

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Universal Printing now supports Dymo Twin Turbo Label printers! Once you’ve updated your Java version to v11.0.10+ and the laptop/desktop to v1.9.0, it’s time to convert your account to Universal Printing. 

That means you’ll get all of the newest label editing features like custom labels for all printers, birthday labels, and the ability to print fields from People or Registrations. 

Learn more and get started now by turning on Universal Printing for your organization. 

End of Life for Legacy Printing

With these last updates, we’re officially out of beta and ready to close the book on our old way of printing. We've had two years of success with Universal Printing, and it will only get better. We can't wait for you to get on it. While legacy printing should still work without problems for you for the next few months, we're no longer actively fixing any bugs with it.

In November, we’re planning on being a bit more assertive about updating. We will most likely show an alert on all stations in your account. It’ll be dismissible, so it shouldn’t stop you from your check-ins experience, but you’ll see it every day until you make the switch, so do it soon!

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or if you’d like some help as you switch everything over. 

Happy Checking In!
Team Check-Ins

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